Engineered Products

In addition to our comprehensive range of piping products, PS Piping also offers an extensive selection of complex and engineered items. These include:

- Pressure vessels and related components such as caps, manifolds, and o'lets.

- Heat exchanger tubes.

- Fittings and flanges.

- Machined and bored pipes.

- Buckle arrestors.

- Pig launchers and receivers.

- Sphere Tees.

- Insulation joints.

- Strainers.

- Anchor flanges.

 We cater to various service requirements, including low pressure, mid pressure, high pressure lines, and cryogenic service. At PS Piping, we understand the importance of logistics in project delivery. Therefore, we provide comprehensive support for all your logistical needs, including warehousing for complex projects with multiple delivery destinations. We are equipped to handle challenging marking requirements, such as stencilling, stamping, bar codes, and color coding, ensuring efficient and accurate identification of products.

 Count on PS Piping to meet your diverse needs with our extensive range of additional products and reliable logistical support.